Curs Ballast Control Operator

Ballast Control Operator is a new course organized by the Romanian Nautical College. The first series of the course will start  on the 12th of December.

Target Audience: Personnel with no formal stability qualifications who intend to become a Ballast Control Operator, to undertake responsibility for Ballast Control Operators or to promote to Ballast Supervisor. This course is recommended to Training Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units [MOU]. This course is also suitable for all MOU personnel involved in stability calculations, including self-elevating platforms (Jack-Ups). People with previous formal STCW training (deck or engine officer CoC holders) will cover only days 2 and 3 of the course and benefit of 200 euro discount to the course’s price.

Course Length: 3 Days (24 hours)

Course Aims:

  1. provide introductory training in ships’ stability
  2. provide understanding of the theory and practice of ship’s basic stability
  3. provide understanding of the floating units’ behaviour against environmental forces, loading, unloading and emergency/damage control

Course Content:
•    Terminology associated to ships’ stability
•    States of equilibrium
•    Initial stability
•    Longitudinal and transverse stability
•    Hydrostatic parameters
•    List and trim
•    Damaged stability
•    Loading weights and mooring system effects
•    Motions in a seaway and ballast control
•    Operating procedures and reports.

Minimum Instructor Qualification/Experience
Master Mariner, accredited by IADC/NI.

Min/Max Number of Delegates Required per course: 2/8.

VenueRomanian Nautical College, Str. Lebedei nr. 1 (Tomis Marina) 900746 Constanta, Romania

Course support complies with the IADC/NI Guidelines and the IMO requirement A.1079(28) for the selection and training of Ballast Control Operators.

At the end of the course you must pass a written examination prior to the issue of a certificate. This certificate will comply with IMCA, IADC and NI regulations and is recognised internationally.

The BCO course’s certificate satisfies the examination requirements of 46 CFR 10.470 (b)(2)(i), 10.470 (d)(2)(i), 10.472 (a)(2)(i), or 10.474 (a)(2)(i) for any licence as Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor or Ballast Control Operator, and the requirements of IMO Resolution A.891(21).

Price: 600 euro (VAT is not applicable), IMCA Logbook (15 GBP) is not included.

PLANNING: Choose one of the below series and apply here:

Series 2016/1: 12-14 December 2016
Series 2016/2: 19-21 December 2016

Series 2017/1: 09-11 January 2017
Series 2017/2: 23-25 January 2017

Series 2017/3: 06-08 February 2017
Series 2017/4: 20-22 February 2017

Series 2017/5: 06-08 March 2017
Series 2017/6: 20-22 March 2017

Series 2017/7: 10-12 April 2017
Series 2017/8: 24-26 April 2017

Series 2017/9: 08-10 May 2017
Series 2017/10: 22-24 May 2017

Series 2017/9: 05-07 June 2017
Series 2017/10: 19-21 June 2017

If you want to find more details or wish to book a course in the second part of 2017 (July to December), send an message or call 0040 7 5353 5353.

Thank you for choosing the Romanian Nautical College!