HND Nautical Science – Deck Officer of the Watch

Duration and Structure

The UK accredited HND Nautical Science – Deck Officer Programme has the following structure:

– The first year of theoretical studies in Romanian Nautical College (RNC), Constanta, Romania
– The second year of theoretical studies in South Shields Marine School – South Tyneside College (STC), South Shields, the United Kingdom
– Additional 15 months of sea going voyages, which are guaranteed by the contract signed between student and RNC.

Download the structure of HND Nautical Science, class 2018 here

Why should I choose HND Nautical Science?

You may choose this programme if you wish to become a Deck Officer of the Watch and, later on, a ship’s Captain. If you choose our College, you will benefit from the following:

-You obtain a British Higher National Diploma;
-You obtain a British Officer’s License for Merchant Navy, certified by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which helps you to find a job much easier, all over the world!
-England is the ”leading nation” in the international shipping industry, you will benefit of the huge chance to recruit a job while you are still a student in the UK.
-You will get the most serious and robust education system in the world, in a full English Language teaching environment, following the Curricula approved by South Tyneside College, the longest and most prestigious naval college in England; thus, you will study STC manuals, your instructors are Captains and Chief Engineers approved by STC.
-The programme includes 2 years of theoretical studies plus 15 months of sea going voyages, on board of international ships.
-As a Deck Officer, your first salary will be minimum 3000 euro.
-You will join the elite of the international shipping, formally and informally recognized, you will experience a real adventure, you will build a special social status.

What Diplomas shall I get on graduation?

At the end of the ”HND Nautical Science” programme you will get:

-a ”Higher National Diploma (HND)” issued by the UK Department of Education, through the Scottish Qualification Authority.
-a ”Deck Officer Of the Watch (DOOW) Certificate of Competency (CoC)”, issued by the UK Department of Transport through the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

The Deck Officer Of the Watch (DOOW) CoC will help you to find a job on board of merchant ships on the UK and the international market. The CoC is unlimited, you may join any ship, of any type, size, power or flag, and may navigate on any ocean, with no restriction. The first salary is normally 2500 euro or above. Download the format of the UK Officer CoC by clicking HERE

Moreover, the HND Nautical Science Diploma will help you when you decide to take a job onshore: land shipping infrastructure, offices of shipping companies, chartering, manning or crewing business, logistics and shipyard companies, as a Nautical Superintendent or Instructor, everywhere in the World!

How can I promote to a Master Mariner?

Your career in the international merchant navy will be marked by 3 Certificates of Competency (CoC):

CoC 1: ”Deck Officer of the Watch – DOOW”. To obtain this CoC, you must:

  • graduate our HND Nautical Science programme
  • prove that you performed at least 15 months of sea going voyages as “Deck Cadet”
  • demonstrate your medical fitness
  • perform the short STCW courses (also known as Ancillary Courses, e.g. Fire Fighting, Medical First Aid, etc.), in Romania, in the UK, or in any other country you choose (that country must be in the IMO White List!)
  • pass successfully written and oral examination with the UK MCA

CoC 2: Chief Mate”. To obtain this CoC, you must:

  • graduate the Chief Mate course (this is a distance learning course, organized by STC)
  • prove that you performed at least 12 months of sea service as “DOOW”
  • demonstrate your medical fitness
  • perform the Ancillary Courses (a part of them is in the UK)
  • pass an oral examination with the UK MCA

CoC 2: Master Mariner”. To obtain this CoC, you must:

  • prove that you performed at least 12 months of sea service as “Chief Mate”, or 36 months mixed as DOOW and Chief Mate
  • demonstrate your medical fitness;
  • pass an oral examination with the UK MCA.

Fees and Taxes

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, total costs per student are:

A) Tuition Fee for the first year in Romanian Nautical College is 4000 de euro. In return, RNC is bind to provide you the following:

-free books, notes, manuals, instruments, charts;

-free uniform

-15 months of sea voyages on board of international ships.

B) Tuition Fee for the Year 2 in South Tyneside College is 4750 £ (which may be adjusted by STC). If you are a citizen of the European Union you may receive an educational loan from the ”UK Student Finance” programme, to cover the tuition fee in year 2. You will return the money in monthly payments after you get the CoC and your annual salary exceeds 21000 £. Find all details about ”Student Finance” Programme HERE.

C) Accommodation: starting 250 euro per room/per month, nine months in year 1 (01 Oct 2018 – 19 June 2019)

Financial support

Financial support is available in year 2 for all EU citizens via the UK governmental program ”Student Finance”. This programme allows you to borrow up to 6000 £ with a very small interest. You will return the money in monthly payments after your employment, when your salary exceeds 21000 £ per year. To simulate your financial support or to find all details, click HERE. Last but not least, you should take into account that you may earn money during the sea voyages as a Deck Cadet.

How can I apply?

  • You can apply online by clicking HERE. Online applications are open 15 Apr – 15 Aug 2018.
  • You can visit us in Constanța, str. Lebedei nr. 1, in Marina Tomis, one of the most beautiful places in Romania! We are waiting for visitors Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1600.

Permanent contact at Tel. 004(0) 7 5353 5353 (daily 0800-1600 local time) or email at:

Admission file will comprise:

  • Passport
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Academic Transcript of the high school years of study and, if it’s the case, the Baccalaureate diploma. The Academic Transcript should reflect the level of mathematics, physics and English language acquired during highschool.

What is the structure of Admission Examination?

In addition to the above proofs, you have to pass an admission examination in order to join the UK Higher National Diploma – Nautical Science programme. The examination consists in a Skype interview, 10-15 minutes, meant to assess your capacity to communicate in English language. The schedule for this interview will be agreed upon receiving your online application.

When the university year starts? What is the Calendar of 2018-2019 academic year?

The HND Nautical Science programme will start on Monday, the 1st of October 2018, 1000, at the Romanian Nautical College main building, str. Lebedei nr. 1 (Marina Tomis) 900746 Constanta, Romania.

The last day in Romanian Nautical College is 19th of June 2019. Download the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar here.

Apply online HERE

What shall I study?

You can download HND Nautical Science programme official curricula, approved by Tyne Coast College, here

A detailed information of the academic content of each discipline (unit) you will study during the 1st year can be downloaded below:

  1. Marine Law and Management
  2. Marine Meteorology: An Introduction
  3. Navigational Mathematics and Science
  4. Celestial Navigation
  5. Marine Emergency Response and Communication
  6. Bridge Watchkeeping
  7. Chartwork and Tides
  8. Ship Stability: An Introduction
  9. Marine Cargo Operations
  10. Naval Architecture: Ship Construction

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