The most interesting academic offer in 2018!

Romanian Nautical College offers you the chance to study the first year in Romania and then to continue your studies in England. Thus you drastically reduce your costs.

Starting 2016 Romanian Nautical College exclusivelly operates two British partnerships:

  1. Partnership with South Shields Marine School, part of Tyne Coast College (download the official letter here)
  2. Partnership with University of Bedfordshire (download the official letter here)


  1. the partenership with Tyne Coast College helps you to access two British officers programmes for Merchant Navy, Nautical Science (future deck officers) and Marine Engineering (future ship’s engineers). You will study the first year in Constanta, Romania and the second year in South Shields, England. You will be awarded a British Higher National Diploma and a Certificate of Competency, both of them globally recognised. They will also help you to employ all over the world, with a direct access to the British merchant fleet (around 4000 units flying the UK flag).
  2. the partenership with University of Bedfordshire helps you to access 6 programmes of BSc level in Computer Science. You will study the first year in Constanta, Romania and the second and third years in Luton, England. The employment is almost 100% on the Commonwealth IT labour market.

This is a unique offer, as the Romanian Nautical College is the only European education institute officially accepted in such an advanced partnership by the UK system. In year 1 in Romania you will be taught in English language, following the British curricula and procedures. The year 1 in Romania is continuously monitored by the two UK universities.

Your access to the UK student finance programme (that covers taxes for years 2 and 3) is guaranteed!

This type of academic inovative partnership will help students to safe money in year 1 as the tuition tax is 50% reduced and the living costs are very cheap in Romania rather than those in the UK.

Marine programmes are 2 years plus 12 months of sea service as cadet, while the computer engineering programmes are 3 years. To find all details, you are invited to visit us: