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Who we are

Romanian Nautical College is the only private maritime institute for higher education in Romania and one of the few of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe. Our main objective is to educate and train people in maritime field.

Starting 2016 we operate as a franchise of South Shields Marine School, part of Tyne Coast College, the longest and most prestigious naval college in England. Our partnership offers two maritime education and training products:

  • -initial programmes (to those people wishing to start a career on board of UK and international ships as deck or engineering officers)
  • -specialization courses (to those officers wishing a further specialization or a career advancement)

Additionally, in 2017 we created our subsidiary School of Computer Science, aiming to host the year 1 of BSc (Hons) Computer Science programmes in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire.

Find out more about our two strategic partnerships in the next section.

Our strategic Partners

Romanian Nautical College works exclusively with 2 British strategic partners:

  • University of Bedfordshire – BSc (Hons) programmes in Computer Science. Click here to find out all details.
  • South Shields Marine School, part of Tyne Coast College– HND programmes in Marine Engineering & Nautical Science. Remain in this page to find all details.

This new collaborative solution helps Romanian and other international students to study the first year in Romania, in our college, and then to progress to England to the desired programme, with full British awards.

What we offer to you in 2018-2019

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science – click HERE
  • HND Nautical Science and Marine Engineering – click HERE

Our management

  • dr. Stelian Cojocaru, Director [pic][CV]
  • Adrian Gaureanu, Deputy Director [pic][CV]

Our staff

Our team of instructors:

Stelian Cojocaru, Ph.D., Capt(ret), [Celestial Navigation, Navigational Mathematics and Science, Chartworking and Tides]

Adrian Gaureanu, Chief engineer [Naval Architecture-Ship Structure, Propulsion, Engineering Drawing]

Ion Catalin Niculae, Master mariner [Marine Meteorology]

Vlad Dima, Master mariner [Bridge Watchkeeping, Marine Emergency Response and Communications]

Dan Apostol, Master mariner [Marine Cargo Operations, Ship Stability]

Constantin Zaharia, Master mariner [Marine Law and Management, Marine Cargo Operations, Chartworking and Tides]

Claudiu Stratulat, Master mariner [Ship stability, Ballast control operator]

Stelian Stefanov, Chief Engineer [Statics and Strength of Materials, Dynamics and Machines, Marine Heat Engine Principles]

George Zarnescu, Eng. [Electrotechnics, Electronics, Electrical and Electronic Devices]

Mihai Radulescu, Admin

Cristina-Maria Scarlat, Secretary

What we do. The partnership with Tyne Coast College

Starting 2016, Romanian Nautical College (RNC) operates under a Partnership Agreement with Tyne Coast College (STC).

You can download the Partnership Approval Letter here.

RNC task is to organize and deliver the first year or two approved Higher National Diploma programmes:

  1. HND Nautical Science
  2. HND Marine Engineering

Read about us in the UK media here

Download our 2018-2019 Academic offer here

Additionally, RNC has the approval to organize and deliver the first part of the following career courses:

  1. Chief Mate (distance learning)
  2. Second Engineer (distance learning)
  3. Experienced Electricians to ETO

For the regional students, advantages of this “1+1” scheme are:

  1. Taxes and fees in RNC are less than those in STC;
  2. Living costs in Romania are less than those in the UK.

What we have. Our logistic support

Romanian Nautical College operates in Tomis Marina, Constanta, Romania.

Our infrastructure includes:

-5 laboratories;

-1 chart working room

-a deck simulation complex, comprising:

  1. Full Mission Bridge simulator (Transas NTPRO-5000), 7 consoles, 10 ship models, 5 geographical areas)
  2. Classroom NTPRO-5000 deck simulator (4 stations)

-A 10-station Engine room simulator, comprising the following components:

  1. LER3D – Low Speed  Engine Room Simulator
  2. MED3D – Medium Speed  Engine Room Simulator
  3. SER2 – LNG Steam Engine Room Simulator
  4. PSV3D – Medium Speed Engine Room Simulator for Platform Supply Vessel
  5. W-X35 – Low Speed Engine Room Simulator WÄRTSILÄ 6X35 ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED
  6. DE3D – Diesel Electric Engine Room Simulator

-Lucas Nulle technological laboratories for electrotechnology, electronics and naval automatics:

  • DC technology
  • AC technology
  • Three-phase technology
  • Magnetism/electromagnetism
  • Electric values V/I/P/cos-phi/f
  • Semiconductor components
  • Transistor multivibrators
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Power semiconductor devices
  • Analogue power supplies
  • Compact automation, PLC and bus technology
  • DC machines
  • Asynchronous machines
  • Synchronous and slip-ring machines
  • Three-phase transformers

-3 stations”DP Basic Tutors”

-A real naval High Voltage console (6000-13000 V);

-Workshop (220 mp) equipped with the following:

  • 1 engine 4 stroke
  • 1 lathe machine
  • Hydrostatic and pumping testing basin
  • Air compressors
  • Various components and parts of naval engines and generators
  • Mechanical tools
  • Functional panel for pneumatic tests
  • Functional panel for hydraulic tests
  • 3 yelding stations (electrical and oxy-acetilene)
  • Various auxiliary systems and parts
  • Naval winch
  • Components of various automatisation sub-systems
  • Various electrical distribution panels

Lloyd's Accreditation

Romanian Nautical College has implemented a functional quality management system accredited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in accordance to ISO 9001:2016 (last Audit Report dated 4th of May 2018)

Personal Data Protection

Romanian Nautical College assumes all obligations regarding collecting and protecting your personal data, in accordance to EU Regulation 2006/679. You are kindly invited to see our official statement on personal data protection HERE.

Our Codes, Policies and Regulations

Newcomers Area

If you are a new student or a newcoming staff of the Romanian Nautical College, you are kindly invited to review our standard Induction Package HERE or HERE. All our Codes, Policied and Regulations should be reviewd in detail during the first week of work with our College. You will be asked to sign in our special registry as you are aware of rules included in these documents.

Please be advised that printed samples of Student Regulation and Health and Safety Procedure are available in the main classrooms.

Also, there are trays with Appeal and Complaints Forms available in all classrooms and recreational areas of the College.

RNC Secretariat is available to offer you printed samples of all our Policies, Code of Ethics, Students Regulation and Data Protection Declaration.

Read about us in the UK media here.

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  • Send your enquiries at office@nauticalcollege.org
  • Call us +40 7 5353 5353 (Mon-Fri, 0800-1600 LT)
  • Go to the desired programme and submit your Application online.

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