HND Nautical Science – Chief Mate Programme

The ”South Tyneside College – Romanian Nautical College” Consortium offers, for the first time in Romania, a management level course for holders of a Romanian Deck Officer Certificate of Competency (CoC), i.e. deck officers that didn’t graduate from a UK HND program. The Management level course offers the chance to promote to the management level (Chief Mate and Master Mariner), with a British Diploma and CoC.

What is the duration of the course?

This course is approved by the UK Naval Authority (MCA), is held entirely in STC and lasts 6 months! In this time period, the STCW courses specific to Chief Mate are also included! The structure of the course is:

35% of the program is distance learning.
65% training in class.

AT THE END OF THE COURSE YOU OBTAIN AN UK CHIEF MATE CoC, ISSUED BY THE BRITISH MARITIME AUTHORITY (MCA). [/Toggle][toggle title = "What shall I study?"]Distance learning on the e-learn platform includes:

-Engineering & Control – full program
-Law- full program
-Ship Construction – partial (continued in class)
-Management – partial (continued in class)
-Cargo Operation- partial (continued in class)

The training in class contains:

-Navigation – full program
-Stability-full program
-Meteo – full program
-Bridge management – full program
-Graded Units 2 & 3-Full program
-Construction – partial (continued in class)
-Management – partial (continued in class)
-Cargo – partial (continued in class)[/Toggle][toggle title = "Am I eligible for this course?"] In order to be admitted to the course, you must hold a Deck Officer CoC at the Operational Level. On graduating the course, to enroll for the MCA exam you must have a minimum 12-month experience as deck officer – operational level. [/Toggle][toggle title = "What do I get at the end of the course?"] At the end of the course you will get:

Higher National Diploma – Nautical Science, issued by the Scottish Qualification Authority.
Certificate of Competency – Chief Mate, issued by the UK MCA (English Maritime Authority). [/Toggle]
[Toggle title = “How does the UK CoC help me?”] With the British CoC, you will enter the UK Registry, benefiting from the following major advantages over colleagues with a Romanian CoC:

You will get the Mater Mariner CoC 6 to 8 years earlier, because the British law requires only 12 months of experience (against the Romanian law that requires 24 months). Moreover, if you sailedr 36 months at the operational level, you can directly have the Master Mariner CoC! The legal regulation is HERE, look for Cap. 3.3. B) and 3.4. B).
You are entering an existing market, consistently regulated for British CoC holders, plus the opportunities of the UK crewing at its best.
CoC reconfirmation courses last 3 days in the UK, while in Romania you will be waiting 2-3 months, at a higher cost;
With the UK Maritime Authority you will have only a digital interface, you will not have to go to MCA headquarters, you will not be in queues.
An UK CoC is recognized by all signatory countries of the STCW Convention, including Romania.[/Toggle] [toggle title = "What exams shall I have to pass?"] – You will have to pass an exam for each discipline/unit you will study

-You will have to pass an exam with the SQA to obtain a Higher National Diploma (HND), in March 2018. This exam will contain the subjects of Navigation and Stability.
-You will have to pass an exam with the MCA to obtain obtain the CoC – oral assessment

What are the course fees?

The study fee is 6000 GBP. For the beginning you will make a deposit of at least 1000 GBP, the rest of the payments to be made during the course. [/Toggle] [toggle title = "What is the cost of accommodation in England?"] Daily standard accommodation cost in England is 19.2 5GBP, which includes two meals. For renting in the STC campus area go to:

What is the course schedule? When and how can I apply?

The next course starts on October 30th 2017 and ends on May 11th 2018.

Apply online with one click HERE

-Send your questions HERE

-Call 0753535353 for details

-Apply online HERE

-Download the legal basis of the course HERE

Optional Courses in South Tyneside College:

-STCW Advanced Tanker Safety (Petroleum, Chemical, or Gas): £ 775 each

-STCW GMDSS General Operating Certificate: £ 1410 (inc exam fee)

-STCW Personal Survival Technigues: £ 215

-STCW Proficiencies in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats: £ 660

-STCW Medical First Aid Abroad Ship: £ 390

-STCW Advanced Fire Fighting: £ 905

-MCA ECDIS: £ 1120.