DP Sea Time Reduction Course

The DP Sea Time Reduction (STR) course is designed to give the DPO trainees the opportunity to reduce 30 days from the required 60-day sea service time as per 2015 NI standard, by attending 5 days of intensive simulator training. The course enhances the trainee’s practical experience by running intensive simulator scenarios with a high exposure to environmental and technical worst conditions.

Frequent Questions

When is the next Sea Time Reduction course?

In order to come to your help, the DP&Offshore Centre has established the Sea Time Reduction course schedule.
Please find below the list of courses. We hope that one of the dates will suite your agenda:


What will I study?

The structure, aims, objectives, etc. are included in the DP Courses Leaflet, click HERE to download.

What materials will I receive?

The Centre will provide trainees with a memory stick with further information about the course and the DP&Offshore field.

On what equipment will I train?

The DP&Offshore Centre of the Romanian Nautical College is equipped with a Full Mission DP Bridge Class A Simulator.

Who recognizes my Sea Time Reduction Certificate?

The Centre is registered in the latest Nautical Institute list of accredited DP Centres.

How do I register?

If you would like to participate at one of our DP Advanced courses, please apply HERE or contact us HERE

How much is the course?

The price for the DP Sea Time Reduction Course is 1900 euros.
Payment can be made by banking transfer, all necessary details being included in the Proforma Invoice you will receive after you apply online for the course. Apply online HERE

How long is the course?

The DP Sea Time Reduction course lasts 5 days. On Monday, the course begins at 1300LT, while in the rest of the days, at 0800LT.

Where does the course take place?

The DP Sea Time Reduction course is held by the Romanian Nautical College – DP&Offshore Centre, located at 1 Lebedei Street, Tomis Marina, Constanta.

Where will I stay?

Our partner hotel is Ibis Hotel, located at Str. Mircea cel Batran nr 39B-41, 900658, Constanta. To view Ibis Hotel web page, click HERE

The hotel has 2 special offers for our trainees:

  • 35 euros per night, single room-breakfast included;

How will I get to the DP & Offshore Centre?

Depending on the country of residence, our trainees can arrive by car, train or plane to our Centre. The nearest airport to the Centre is the Constanta Airport – Kogalniceanu. However, trainees can arrive as well at the Henri Coanda – Otopeni Airport in Bucharest, located at 220 km from Constanta. The trip from Bucharest airport to Constanta takes around 3h30min, and there are buses and trains that provide transportation. If you travel by car, follow the address of the Romanian Nautical College – DP&Offshore Centre: Str. Lebedei nr.1, 900746 Constanta (see the aerial view of the College in Marina Tomis, Constanta):

Do I need a Visa to come to Romania?

In order to discover whether you need a Visa to come to our courses, please visit the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mae.ro/en/node/2040If it is the case, the Centre will be able to provide trainees with an Invitation Letter for the duration of the course, in order to obtain the Visa as soon as possible.


Contact Details

For more information about the course, please contact us using this FORM or by mobile 0040769234560

To find complete information, download the DP Courses’ Leaflet HERE